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Why Choose LeafPro Gutters Over Regular Gutters

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Why choose LeafPro Gutters over regular gutters

Thinking about installing a new residential or commercial gutter system? Consider the benefits of a LeafPro® gutter system for your home or building. The LeafPro® gutter system is one of the most advanced gutter systems on the market, ideal for the ever-changing, unpredictable weather we have come to expect in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver.

There are countless benefits to installing this type of gutter system in your home or building such as durability, low maintenance and cost savings. Before you decide on a new gutter system, talk to the experts at Tristar Gutters and consider the advantages of installing a LeafPro® gutter system. Learn about why you should choose LeafPro® gutters over regular gutters below.

What is the difference between LeafPro® Gutters and leaf screens?

LeafPro® gutters are clog free

Many gutter systems on the market today claim to be “clog-free” until they are tested with extreme weather conditions, similar to what we experience every year in BC. These gutter systems often require a tremendous amount of maintenance in order to prevent drainage and leaking problems from occurring.

Unlike most other gutter systems, LeafPro® gutters are guaranteed not to clog with leaves, needles and other debris. This means that you will spend less time trying to remove leaves and unwanted debris from your gutters, and have more time to focus on more important activities. With LeafPro®, your weekends will no longer be spent moving up and down on a ladder for hours while trying to clear out your home’s gutter system.

LeafPro® gutter use a special Flo Grip Technology™

What causes LeafPro® gutters to perform much more efficiently than regular gutters? It is their Flo Grip Technology™ which uses the principle of water adhesion. The technology allows the gutters to draw the water into the system while simultaneously diverting all unwanted materials away from it. Any smaller items that manage to make their way into the gutter system are released through a flow tunnel and into the cleanout box.

Not only do LeafPro® gutters prevent leaves and debris from accumulating, they prevent the buildup of snow and ice during winter months.

If you would like to learn more about why you should choose LeafPro™ gutters over regular gutters, call the gutter installation and replacement professionals at Tristar Gutters. We carry every type of gutter system on the market with various styles, colours and materials available. With over 35 years of gutter industry experience, you can trust Tristar Gutters to get the job done the first time.