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Copper Gutters vs Aluminum Gutters

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One of the great things about gutters is that they do not just have to be functional; gutters can add an accent to your home that really helps to complete the look and improve its curb appeal. At Tristar Gutters, we provide a variety of gutter styles, materials, and colours. Our copper gutters and aluminum gutters both provide excellent function and aesthetic value.

The Difference Between Copper and Aluminum Gutters

While there are many different types of gutters available, two of the most common materials for high-quality gutters to be made out of are copper and aluminum. Both metals offer a variety of benefits that make them useful for different homes. The differences between copper and aluminum gutters include the look that they provide a home with, the longevity of the material, and options and accessories that are available to customize a gutter setup.

Benefits of Copper Gutters

There are many benefits to copper gutters. If you are looking for a gutter system that has a long lifespan and looks amazing, copper gutters are the way to go. Because of copper’s resistance to corrosion, they can last much longer than most other types of gutters and require very little maintenance. Copper is a very strong gutter material, meaning that copper gutters can stand up to heavy snowfalls and extreme weather and temperature variations. On top of being an extremely functional gutter material, copper gutters provide homes with a vintage look that can help to raise the value of the property.

Benefits of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are one of the most popular and cost-effective gutter solutions. Due to their popularity and low cost, there are many options available for aluminum gutters in colour, style, and size. Aluminum gutters are available with many more accessories and premium systems than most other gutter types, including seamless gutters that provide a low-maintenance gutter setup and LeafPro® gutters that can keep your gutters and drains from clogging with debris. While aluminum gutters are not as durable or corrosion-resistant as copper, they do provide decent resistance to rust.

To learn more about the differences in style and benefit provided by copper gutters and aluminum gutters, or if you are interested in one of our gutter systems or services, contact Tristar Gutters at 604-533-0500. Our experienced gutter professionals are prepared to help with any of your gutter needs.