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Leaf Guard Gutters


Cleaning out the gutters on your house can be a tedious, messy, dangerous job. There are many solutions that can make this task easier and safer but, by installing leaf guard gutters, you can almost make the task disappear entirely. Leaf guard gutters or gutter guards keep leaves and debris from entering your gutters, which keeps them from clogging. At Tristar Gutters, our goal is to keep our clients and their property safe and dry, which is why we offer a variety of gutter systems and services to home and business owners.

The Benefits of Leaf Guard Gutters

Leaf guard gutter systems can help to save you time and money by preventing clogged gutters and ensuring that water only flows where it is supposed to flow. Gutter guards are designed to keep leaves and debris from getting into your gutters and creating blockages, which can cause water to overflow and damage your property.

Types of Leaf Guard Gutter Systems

There are many types of gutter guards available. Some systems are more affordable than others and each system comes with its own set of difficulties. Some examples of leaf guard gutter systems are:

Brush Leaf Guards

This type of gutter guard is very cost effective and exceptional at keeping large debris out of a gutter; however, small debris and leaves frequently build up behind the bristles and create clogs.

Perforated Metal Leaf Guards

Perforated metal leaf guards for gutters are a strip of metal that runs along the top of a gutter, creating a barrier for debris to run across. These gutter guards are excellent for keeping debris out of gutters but, if water is coming down hard enough, it can often flow right over the top of the guard and over the edge of the gutter.

Mesh Screen Gutter Guards

This is another inexpensive option for a leaf guard gutter. Mesh screens are useful for keeping large debris out of gutters, but small debris can often fall through the mesh, causing clogs. Leaves and large debris can also get caught on this type of gutter guard, creating a path for water to flow over the edge of the gutter.

Reverse-Curve Leaf Guard Gutter Systems

This gutter guard system is the best option for keeping debris and leaves out of gutters and allowing water to flow properly. Reverse-curve leaf guard gutters use a bent piece of metal to pull water backwards into the gutter, while allowing debris to flow over the edge of the roof. The Leafpro Gutter system employed by Tristar Gutters is an example of a reverse-curve gutter guard system.

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