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Things to Consider When Replacing Your Gutters

Replacing Your Gutters

If your current gutter system is starting to show signs of wear or has started to leak, you have likely started looking into how to replace it. With so many elements to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin with a project of this size. As a leading provider of gutter installations, the team at Tristar Gutters knows that most gutter replacement projects are more complex than they may appear. That is why we have compiled a list of things to consider when replacing your gutters to demonstrate why it is often best to contact a professional.

Learn what to consider when choosing new gutters for your home.

5 Crucial Considerations When Replacing Gutters

When replacing your gutter system, it is crucial to consider the following elements:

1. Local Laws, Regulations & Codes

Since each municipality and province has their own regulations for gutter installations, it is important to know which codes and regulations apply to your area. To ensure that your new gutter system fully complies with relevant by-laws, it is best to hire a gutter installation professional who is fully trained and equipped to work in the area.

2. Size

If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you may want to confirm that the current gutter system on your home is the correct size. Consider looking into 6″ gutters as these systems hold more water than standard 5″ gutters. Standard and oversized gutters can also be interchanged to allow for the perfect system based on your needs.

3. Appearance

Your gutter system can make a significant impact on the appearance and appeal of your home. When choosing a new system, be sure to consider the gutter style, colour, and materials. This will ensure that you are choosing a system that enhances your property instead of detracting from it.

4. The Condition of Your Fascia Boards

Before installing a new gutter system, it is important to make sure that your fascia boards are in good condition. If they are starting to warp, have become stained, or the paint is starting to peel, they will need to be replaced or repaired prior to the gutter installation process.

5. If You Need to Hire a Professional

It is important to note that gutter installation is not a simple DIY project that can be handled by anyone. Hiring a gutter installation company to install your new system is the only way to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently without going over budget.

To learn more about our gutter products and installation services, get in touch with the team at Tristar Gutters. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or the details of your project.