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What are Downspouts and Why are They Important?

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What are Downspouts?

Gutter systems play a vital role in protecting your home from various forms of water damage. While most gutter systems will feature similar components and elements, it is important to understand what each element does and how they protect your home. While roof gutters are vital elements of every system, they would not do much if downspouts were not attached to them. As leading providers of high-quality gutter systems and installation solutions, the team at Tristar Gutters knows how important downspouts and downspout extensions are for every type of home or commercial building. That is why our team has provided some information to help you understand what downspouts are and why they are important for your gutter system.

Learn why you should hire a professional to install your gutters and downspouts.

What is a Downspout?

Downspouts are vertical pipe-like devices connected to gutters. They are typically installed under the roof gutters along multiple sides of a home or commercial building. Their purpose is to redirect water gathered in the gutter system and safely lead it away from your home toward a designated drainage area.

Why are Downspouts Important?

Without downspouts, water would continue to pool in your gutter system as it will have nowhere to drain. This water would then spill over the edge of your gutters and accumulate near the foundation of your home or down your siding, drastically increasing the chances of significant water damage. Downspouts are important for every home as they provide:

Protection for Your Basement and Foundation

Downspouts can protect your basement from flooding during a rainstorm. They also can prevent rainwater from accumulating on your rooftop and leaking down your siding to the foundation of your home. The right downspout extension can also keep your plant beds safe from excess rainwater or puddles, helping you keep your garden healthy throughout the year. There are many different sizes and types of downspout extensions available, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your property.

Controlled Drainage to a Safe Area

Gutters and downspouts are vital if you live in a rainy climate as they can help keep excess water away from your property. Downspout extensions allow rainwater to drain in a controlled manner instead of getting into areas where it can cause damage like mold, concrete cracking, and mildew growth.

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