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What causes gutter systems to fail?

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Why do gutter systems fail?

With over 35 years of gutter installation and gutter removal experience in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area, the Tristar Gutters team has learned a thing or two about what causes gutter systems to fail. We have witnessed many different types of failed gutter systems throughout our history and our team is dedicated to reducing the number of failed gutter in both residential homes and commercial buildings. We believe that the top 3 reasons that gutter systems fail are the use of cheap materials, improper gutter installation and lack of gutter system maintenance. For a more detailed explanation of reach, continue reading.

Installing gutters using cheap materials

Gutter systems play an important role in the overall performance of both residential homes and commercial buildings. One of the main reasons why gutter systems fail is the usage of cheap materials. It is important to install gutter systems constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials in order to reduce the likelihood of failure. Installing gutters made from strong, durable materials should take precedence over installing a gutter system that is aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, Tristar Gutters carries a massive selection of gutter systems that both perform well and look great. Tristar only installs gutters built from reliable materials like aluminum, steel and copper. When it comes to installing a new gutter system, do not sacrifice quality.

Improper gutter installation

Another common factor causing gutter systems to fail is improper installation practices. When it comes to installing gutters, make sure you hire a gutter installation company that is committed to getting the job done right the first time. Although it is possible for homeowners to install a new gutter system on their own, it is recommended that they first consult with a team of experts to ensure that they are prepared and capable of handling the project on their own. When gutters are not installed correctly, the result is often costly leaks and drainage issues that can damage both the exterior and interior of homes.

Lack of gutter system maintenance

Like most things, gutter systems require annual maintenance in order to increase longevity and performance, especially given the diverse weather conditions in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. This can include everything from gutter cleaning to gutter inspections and repairs. During Fall and Winter, it is important to inspect and unclog gutters from any leaves and other materials that may be preventing the gutter system from properly draining. Unfortunately, if leaves are left in a gutter system for too long, it can result in expensive damage to the gutter, roof and even the inside of homes.

If you have questions about what causes gutter systems to fail or would like to obtain information on gutter installations and gutter removals, please contact Tristar Gutters at 604-553-0500. Tristar Gutters has over 35 years of gutter system experience, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 9.9/10 rating on HomeStars. Our gutter system experts install and remove gutters all throughout the Greater Vancouver area and Lower Mainland. We carry every gutter system on the market with a variety of different material, colour and style options available.