LeafPro™ Gutters


What are leafpro™ gutters?

LeafPro™ Gutters are clog free, worry free gutter systems. Keep the ladder in the garage and let the leaves and rain fall! With LeafPro™ Gutters your gutters are completely protected from clogs so you don't need to worry about cleaning inside them.

We 100% guarantee that our gutters will not clog from leaves, needles or debris. If they do, we will come clean them for you for free! LeafPro™ Gutters are a wise investment to keep your home protected from rot and water damage while doing away with the time-consuming annual gutter maintenance.

leafpro gutter systems

How do leafpro™ gutters work?

LeafPro Gutters Drawing

The LeafPro™ Gutter system works by the principle of water adhesion using Flo Grip technology® to draw the water into the gutter and deflect the wind blown debris over the gutter not making the turn into the system. Small particles that do pass through the system exit out the 6" easy flow funnel and into your new drain guard clean out box.

LeafPro™ gutters also prevents the build up of snow and ice and allows the melted water run-off to drain down the trough instead of sitting on the roof and in the gutter soaking into the home's structure.

Why choose LeafPro™ gutters over regular gutters?

LeafPro™ gutters can save you on countless hours and money. Because they don't clog, you don't need to worry about going up on a ladder for hours on a Saturday after an Autumn shower to clean them out. Gutter clogs can also lead to damage to the home's structure, that is, if water is allowed to backup in the gutter trough it can overflow and soak into the home's structure, resulting in damage and rot. This type of damage can be costly to repair as you can end up replacing parts of the home's exterior, the gutter system, and even the roofing.

LeafPro™ gutters also looks great on the exterior of any home. The added benefits do not come at the expense of aesthetics but with many different colours to choose from LeafPro™ can be matched to the existing exterior house colours. The aluminum material provides a sleek, clean look on any home.

LeafPro Gutters

LeafPro™ vs. Leaf Guard

If you are comparing LeafPro™ to a leaf guard gutter system, there is no question. The LeafPro™ gutter systems offer superior protection and water drainage, whereas leaf guard systems hold less water than standard 4" gutters. This smaller water volume capacity can lead to back ups and can prevent the water from draining. This can cause damage to your roof and to the foundation of your home. In contrast, LeafPro™ is much deeper and wider allowing it to hold three times the amount of water as leaf guard gutters. We have helped many customers make the transition from their leaf guard gutters to our LeafPro™ system after experiencing multiple backups and clogs that were not supposed to occur with their previous gutters.


LIFETIME warranty
to be Clog-Free!

For the ultimate peace-of-mind, LeafPro™ gutters come with a lifetime clog-free warranty. This means that if your gutters clog inside due to leaves, needles, roof debris, we will clean them for free. This warranty allows you to be fully confident in your investment in the LeafPro™ gutters. The moment that you have LeafPro™ gutters installed is the moment that you say goodbye to ever cleaning inside your gutters again.

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Home Owner - "much better job than other gutters"

"With the recent showers and rains, it has been reassuring to see your LeafPro™ gutter system doing a much better job than other gutters. Also the LeafPro™ gutters are more aesthetically complimenting the roof with its colour and moulding."

~ Sheila Tan

Gutter Options

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